CNN’s Erin Burnett Steamrolls Ex-Trump Advisor Over Stormy Daniels: ‘So That Doesn’t Matter?!’


Former Trump advisor Steve Cortes had a tough time of it Thursday night when he showed up on CNN to try to defend the president in the wake of the lawsuit filed by adult film star Stormy Daniels. And it was mostly because anchor Erin Burnett wouldn’t allow him to brush the scandal off as “tabloid smut.”

Appearing with CNN’s Joan Walsh to debate the latest developments in the story, such as porn actress Jessica Drake being named in Daniels’ non-disclosure agreement regarding Daniels’ alleged affair with Trump, Cortes downplayed the whole thing and said it was not relevant at all. He also indicated there was more important and substantive news to cover, leading Walsh to point out that Burnett had spent most of the hour discussing the major North Korea announcement.

And Burnett wasn’t having it either:

“This is an important story. Secondly, we spent almost 40 minutes talking about Korea on this show. Thirdly, the White House pulled Peter Navarro who was supposed to give us a ten-minute interview on tariffs and they did so right before this program. Perhaps you, if you were working at the White House wouldn’t have made such a poor decision, but that’s what they did, okay? So let’s just be clear here. They don’t want to talk about the substance of things like tariffs, so they pulled him off the show.”

After an awkward silence, Cortes said he was willing to talk about tariffs, but Burnett reminded him he wasn’t part of the White House and went back to the discussion on the Daniels scandal.

Burnett then grew absolutely exasperated with Cortes towards the end of the segment.

“The allegations of sexual misconduct against the president, then candidate, were widely known by the American electorate,” Cortes declared. “They decided it was irrelevant or untrue or some combination of both.”

“So that doesn’t matter?” Burnett asked back. “Do you care if he violated election law?”

While Cortes said it did care about that, he continued to claim he didn’t care about Daniels because she is “a porn star who has been shown already incredibly on the public record to be a liar several times.”

Burnett continued to try to explain that Trump could have committed a violation of federal election laws, only for Cortes to say that nobody claimed Trump was “Mother Theresa” and he isn’t interested in “tabloid rubbish.”

“We’re talking about a banana,” Burnett sighed. “And you’re talking about an apple.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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