CNN’s Gloria Borger: Eastwood Speech ‘Complete Embarrassment To The Romney Campaign’

During a post-RNC chat on CNN, Wolf Blitzer and Gloria Borger took a look back at the only moment anyone seems to recall from the final night of the convention: Clint Eastwood in all his empty-chair glory. The pair agreed that the appearance was stranger and a “blunder.” But more importantly: just how bad?

The speech was “so, so bizarre,” Blitzer noted. It “seemed to never end.” Getting his opinion out of the way, he asked Borger, “How big of a blunder was this?”

“I think it’s a really big blunder, because I think it embarrassed them at a moment — the high viewership, right? Networks tuning in, everything else,” Borger said. “I think it’s dangerous to give somebody a script who makes his own movies. This is a man who makes his own movies, he decides to ask for a chair, you hand him a chair, and he does a bit of improv.”

It was a rare unscripted moment, she added, noting that “and now we understand why the conventions are scripted, because this was a complete embarrassment to the Romney campaign. Although, they’re not going to admit it publicly.”

Nope, they’re not. Well, that’s one thing she’s right about.

Take a look, via CNN:

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