comScore CNN’s Gloria Borger: Obama Relying on Insurance Companies He ‘Railed Against’ to Pass Law

CNN’s Gloria Borger: Obama Relying on Insurance Companies He ‘Railed Against’ to Pass Law

On Thursday morning, CNN political analyst Gloria Borger told Situation Room’s Wolf Blitzer that the cooperation of insurance companies in President Barack Obama’s anticipated fix to allow people to keep their health care plans was not guaranteed, creating the irony that Obama was now relying on the willing participation of the industry he demonized to pass the Affordable Care Act.

“I’m trying to get an answer from the insurance companies about whether they’re going to cooperate with this,” Borger said. “I mean, he can’t demand that they do something. The insurance companies believe that they followed the regulations they were given. They’ve done this. Now you’re changing the rules…So the question I think the question the insurance companies are going to raise is, what is this going to do to Obamacare in the long term?”

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“The insurance companies have done very well by the Affordable Care Act,” Blitzer pointed out. “They’re making a ton of money…I suspect they will cooperate with the president, as they have throughout, because it’s been good for their business.”

“Don’t forget the irony here,” Borger said. “These are the insurance companies the president railed against, daily, as he was trying to get Obamacare passed. The insurance companies were the big, bad guys. Now the insurance companies are the people he’s depending on to fix this.”

Watch the full clip below, via CNN:

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