CNN’s Kate Bolduan, Gloria Borger Say Sondland Throws Mike Pompeo ‘Under the Bus’ in His Statement to Congress


CNN analyst Gloria Borger suggested Ambassador Gordon Sondland’s testimony could potentially bring down Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

“President Trump was going outside the normal circles, outside his national security circles and potentially outside the State Department. We have to hear where Pompeo was in all of this,” Borger told CNN anchor Kate Bolduan on At This Hour Thursday.

Sondland is testifying to a closed-door session of Congress today about the Ukraine scandal. In a released statement, he contends Rudy Giuliani was the central figure of the scandal and that President Donald Trump directed diplomats to work with him.

Bolduan also noted that Sondland’s statement appears to “throw Pompeo under the bus.”

“This opening statement puts this at the feet of the president. But he also seems to throw Pompeo under the bus. Because he says Pompeo was involved and supportive of what he was doing in Ukraine – not clear if he talked about our Ukraine strategy. What’s not clear is if that meant Pompeo knew they were directed to go through Giuliani.”

“I’m assuming Pompeo knew a lot,” Borger responded. “I mean, we knew that a senior State Department official who testified and quit went to Pompeo and said ‘you’ve got to stop all this badmouthing of the Ambassador to Ukraine, she’s a true public servant.’ And according to the testimony Pompeo apparently just sat there and smiled.”

“What did Pompeo know and when did he know it? And was he involved in any way with Rudy Giuliani?” Borger asked, saying Congress is eventually going to want to hear from Pompeo himself.

Watch above, via CNN.

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