CNN’s Gloria Borger: Trump Heading for ‘Big Embarrassment’ if Senate Rebukes his Border Emergency


The way CNN’s Gloria Borger sees it, President Donald Trump is careening toward a political embarrassment with all the signs that the Senate is about to block his national emergency declaration.

Borger joined Brooke Baldwin and Charlie Dent on Thursday to discuss indications the Senate is about to approve a resolution against Trump’s emergency over the so-called border crisis. As Baldwin noted that Trump is framing the vote as a “loyalty test” while critics condemn the emergency as a power grab, Borger agreed and assessed that it will be a “pretty big” embarrassment if the vote goes as expected.

“Even though the president sort of hinted ‘Okay you vote for this and maybe later I’ll support you on saying I’ll never do it again, no president can ever do it again,’ that’s a little hokey. That is a big embarrassment.”

Dent said the real emergency is “the presidential assault on Congress’s power of the purse.”

“The loyalty here is to the Constitution,” Dent said, “not to the president.”

Borger returned to Trump’s promise of never declaring another national emergency, though she questioned whether that promise would actually mean anything.

“What is that worth?” Borger asked. “These Conservatives and Democrats who are joining are saying to themselves, ‘what are we doing here?’ If we allow this president to have this authority…you have to ask yourself whether you’ve essentially neutered yourself and your responsibilities as a member of Congress.”

Shortly after the segment ended, the resolution passed the Senate with a 59-41 vote. Trump has promised to veto the resolution, which would make this the first of his presidency.

Watch above, via CNN.

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