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CNN’s Gupta: If Masks Run Out, CDC Allowing Staff Exposed to Coronavirus to Keep Working With Bandanas, Scarves

The Center for Disease Control has released a new series of guidelines for how to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, and Dr. Sanjay Gupta shined a light on their recommendation for what health care workers are being allowed to do if they run low on resources.

The CNN chief medical correspondent joined his colleagues Thursday on New Day to discuss the proposed guideline change that workers who’ve been exposed to the disease will be allowed to keep working as long as they wear a face mask. If there are no masks available, however, they will be allowed to use scarves and bandanas as homemade substitutes.

“I think given the concern about lack of health care workers, people who are going into quarantine, that’s no longer being in the workforce, they’re saying, maybe we need to loosen this and allow them to continue to work,” said Gupta. “Obviously a huge concern, because this is how you potentially increase the spread, or at least, not slow down the spread.”

Gupta continued to explain that “we need to start making accommodations for what we think will be necessary here” because of the insufficient amount of protective equipment and health workers. Nonetheless, he cautioned that “this is concerning to them. They are then going home to their own families, trying to figure out how to keep them safe, a lot of times isolating themselves within their own home if they’re even going home. So this is a reality even at the early stages of what healthcare providers may be facing in some hospitals.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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