CNN’s Harlow Grills Michigan Governor on Flint: ‘Why Did It Take So Long’ for You to Act?

snyder harlowCNN’s Poppy Harlow confronted Michigan Governor Rick Snyder over why he didn’t address the lead poisoning in Flint’s water sooner.

Snyder repeatedly emphasized how terrible he finds all this and reassured that he’s doing whatever he can to address the matter and “minimize the damage.”

Harlow brought up the health issues that come from lead poisoning and asked Snyder if he would be willing to put up $100 million––based on one doctor’s estimate––to take care of all of these young kids who have lead in their systems. He didn’t commit to the number but said he would do what he can.

She even brought up how someone told him that “money was given priority here over these people,” and asked Snyder about emails Snyder was aware of from back in July. If he knew then, Harlow asked, why didn’t he act?

He said the experts told him everything was fine, and emphasized that despite public outcry, he won’t resign.

One particularly contentious exchange was when Harlow asked him why they don’t just replace all the lead pipes. Snyder said, “That’s a question you can ask all across the country.” Harlow shot back, “I’m asking you, because Flint has had people poisoned.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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