WATCH: CNN Interviews Gaza Resident As Bombs Explode Off-Screen And Abruptly Cut Off Conversation

On Friday, CNN’s Isha Seshay aired a brief interview with an Gaza Strip resident and an Israeli, allowing the two to debate the causes and effects of the current situation in the region. At one point during the interview, however, bombings in Gaza cut the segment short.

Seshay spoke with Mohammed Sulaiman, a Palestinian living in Gaza who works for a local human rights NGO, and Nissim Nahoom, an Israeli resident who is the father of five and CEO of a local council. They live only about 15 minutes of driving distance apart, Seshay informed, and “they disagree on who’s to blame for the current situation.” From there, aired the interview.

Part of the way through, blasts could be heard in the back, startling Sulaiman. “You can hear everything,” he said, refusing to let it interrupt the interview. “I am not going to comment on any of it. I’m not going to even allow these bombs to interrupt me from having this debate with you and your guest.”

A bit later, the bombings abruptly cut off the interview. Coming back to the live segment, Seshay informed that Sulaiman was okay.

Watch the segment below, via CNN:

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