CNN’s Jack Kingston: Ossoff ‘Probably Spent Every Dime’ of $8.3 Million ‘Like a True Democrat’


During a panel discussion on CNN this evening, CNN political commentator Jack Kingston decided to do some early gloating over the the Georgia 6th District race, even while results were still coming in and Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff remained over the 50% threshold he needed to avoid a runoff.

After host Don Lemon read off the most recent tallies, showing Ossoff just a tick over 50%, Kingston — a former Georgia congressman himself — weighed in by stating that the Democrat had tons of money and every advantage he could get but was unable to close the deal. He also commented about how Ossoff was using the race as a referendum on the president and that wasn’t working.

“He is running against Donald Trump and he’s losing,” the former Republican lawmaker stated. Kingston added that the race ends for Ossoff tonight, claiming that he won’t win in a runoff against runner-up Karen Handel.

CNN political director David Chalian told Kingston that he heard it from Republican sources that both sides are expected to spend a bunch of money through the June runoff, leading Kingston to mock Ossoff over the amount he had already raised and apparently spent.

“I don’t know what he did with $8.3 million,” he said. “He should be sitting on about $5 million because you reach critical mass at around three million in a district like that. Now he’s probably spent every dime of it like a true Democrat would.”

Lemon would jump into the fray to point out that while he isn’t overly political, he lived in that district for nearly ten years and knew it as a “ruby red district,” so he was surprised it was competitive.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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