CNN’s Jake Tapper Pokes Fun of Conway’s ‘Inspector Gadget’ Remark

CNN’s Jake Tapper led The Lead on Monday with a swipe at Kellyanne Conway‘s “I’m not Inspector Gadget” line earlier in the day on New Day.

Tapper snarked, “Kellyanne Conway says she is not Inspector Gadget. This newscast will self-destruct in 60 minutes.”

Minutes later, correspondent Jim Acosta piled on with his own shot at Conway: “Go go gadget backpedal.”

The CNN anchor was the latest to mock President Donald Trump‘s counselor over her reference to the 1980s cartoon show. On Monday morning, Brad Reed of Raw Story spotlighted the social media reaction to her remarks, and zeroed in on how one Twitter user linked Conway’s widely-panned inauguration outfit to the character’s famous trench coat.


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