CNN’s Jake Tapper Shreds Trump’s ‘Blatant Lies’ Ahead of Midterms: ‘As Nonsensical as It is Dystopian’


CNN’s Jake Tapper delivered a scathing monologue on Monday by denouncing President Trump‘s midterm messaging as both intellectually dishonest and racially inflammatory.

Tapper started by noting how Trump is using illegal immigration fear mongering to fire up his base instead of touting the positive things that have happened under his presidency. As he called out Trump’s numerous false talking points from the last few weeks, Tapper concluded that the president clearly thinks “fomenting fear and doling out falsehoods” is a more effective way to excite his base than anything else.

“So that’s false, false, false, and false,” said Tapper, after running a clip of Trump talking about the caravan. “There was once a time when politicians could be shamed away from blatant lies, but that time seems a distant memory.”

Trump insists the U.S. will be overwhelmed by illegal immigrants if Democrats win the midterms, though Tapper brought things back into perspective by saying the president’s fear-based vision is “as nonsensical as it is dystopian.” He also remarked on how Fox News has become the latest media organization to reject the Trump campaign’s ad about the migrant caravan south of the border, which has been decried as racist by numerous critics.

Watch above, via CNN.

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