CNN’s Jake Tapper: We Had ‘Difficult Time’ Booking Dems to Defend Obamacare Numbers

Today’s Obamacare numbers have been disappointing, to say the least, with only about 106,000 people signing up through the state and federal health care exchanged. On CNN’s The Lead Wednesday, Jake Tapper admitted it was really hard to find Democrats willing to come on and defend the health care law’s dismal sign-up numbers.

CNN Chief Political Analyst Gloria Borger said the numbers are “embarrassing for the administration,” considering the benchmark the CBO set for how many would need to enroll by March for the program to be successful. Newt Gingrich dismissed the idea this is in any way comparable to the bumpy rollout of health care in Massachusetts, saying Obamacare’s a “massively bigger problem.”

CNN Chief Congressional Correspondent Dana Bash took note of the “sound of silence” coming from Democrats, and Tapper agreed it’s pretty striking.

“To be completely honest with you, we had a difficult time booking Democrats to come on after those numbers were released, to have them come on and talk about fixing the problem.”

Watch the video below, via CNN:

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