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CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin Suggests That Chris Stevens’ ‘Risky Behavior’ Was Responsible For His Death

vlcsnap-2015-10-23-09h13m51s308CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin said Thursday that Ambassador Chris Stevens was responsible for his own death during the attack on the Benghazi compound because he was dressed provocatively engaged in “risky behavior.”

Toobin made the point after other members of the CNN panel argued that the buck stopped with Hillary Clinton, since she either never saw or ignored requests for additional security. “There’s another point that no one wants to raise exactly, because it’s considered perhaps in bad taste,” he said in a clip.

“Ambassador Stevens himself, did he make an intelligent decision by exposing himself and all of these security guards to the obvious risk?” he asked. “Did he make a mistake in going into this extremely dangerous situation?”

“Obviously, no one wants to blame this man,” Toobin said immediately after blaming him. “He was obviously a very accomplished diplomat, he wanted to be out among the people. But did he engage in unduly risky behavior?”

Watch above, via CNN.

[H/T] Washington Free Beacon.
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