CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin Blasts Trump’s ‘So-Called Spy Issue’: It’s ‘Really a Fake Issue’

On Thursday, CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin blasted President Donald Trump for his “fake” spy claims.

Speaking during a panel on CNN’s Anderson Cooperson 360 discussing Rudy Giuliani‘s recent claim that his Trump cannot sit down with Robert Mueller until the Spygate issue is settled, Toobin made it clear he doesn’t think “Spygate” is a real thing.

“This so-called spy issue, first of all, there’s absolutely no evidence there was a spy,” Toobin said, echoing top Congressional Democrats claims from earlier in the day.

He continued on: “Second of all, even if they learn the identity of this person, that has very little to do with what the president is actually going to be asked about. So it’s really a fake issue.”

Then, echoing comments made by fellow CNNer Don Lemon on Wednesday, Toobin suggested that Trump is really using his fake issue to try to discredit the investigation and added  his decision to send his lawyer to the Congressional briefings on the Spygate on Thursday is just one more thing that doesn’t look right.

“What the president has been trying to do is to discredit the investigation, discredit the FBI, discredit Mueller. If he sends his lawyer into a sort of preview what’s going on, again that looks like advocacy. It doesn’t look like a neutral investigation of the facts.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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