CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin Lauds Trump-Appointed Judge in Jim Acosta Case: ‘Savvy and Wise Resolution’


CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin commended the Federal judge involved in the case between CNN reporter Jim Acosta and the White House, saying he showed “extremely savvy” judgement in his decision.

On Friday, Judge Timothy Kelly ruled that the White House must temporarily give back Acosta’s White House press pass, which was suspended after President Donald Trump got into a verbal confrontation with him during a presser. However, Kelly has given the White House a chance to create a solid set of standards to hold Acosta and other correspondents to and the case will go from there.

“The next step, as I understand the preliminary ruling, is that the White House has to either drop the whole thing and, you know, patch things up, or establish clearer rules about what justifies the removal of a hard pass and how the accused hard pass abusers are allowed to defend themselves,” Toobin said after he was asked about the big picture ramifications of this case.

Later in the segment, he explained why viewers shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss a Trump appointed judge as partisan:

“All of us, including me, are often cynical about judges and we say he’s a Trump appointee, as if that’s the answer to all the questions. This strikes me as an extremely savvy and wise resolution of this case. I mean, this is a way of sort of preserving Jim Acosta’s right to do his job and CNN’s right to cover the news, which is of course paramount in our view, but also telling the White House, you know, you have a right to maintain decorum and discipline. You just have to do it in an orderly way.”

CNN media reporter Brian Stelter, who was also on the segment with Toobin, suggested that “this judge begrudgingly is giving this press pass back but knows he has to follow the law.”

Following the ruling today that allowed him to temporarily go back to work, Acosta thanked “all of my colleagues in the press who supported us this week, and I want to thank the judge for the decision he made today.”

“Let’s go back to work!” he added.

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