CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin: ‘My Legal Analysis is Michael Avenatti Had a Bad, Bad Day’


Stormy Daniels‘ ex-lawyer Michael Avenatti was charged on Monday for trying to extort Nike out of millions and weighing in on the matter, CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin said it doesn’t look good.

Toobin’s comments came as the CNN panel was discussing Avenatti and his appearance in a federal court on Monday afternoon.

“We’re waiting for Michael Avenatti to emerge from the federal courthouse in New York,” host Wolf Blitzer said. “As you know, he’s been charged with allegedly extorting Nike for millions and millions of dollars. Let me get your legal analysis of all of this, Jeffrey.”

Toobin replied simply: “My legal analysis is Michael Avenatti had a bad, bad day.”

He further added: “I mean, he is charged in two separate cases. In the Southern District of New York in Manhattan with this extortion case trying to get money out of Nike that at least according to the prosecution is not, you know, a settlement for his client, but simply a payoff to go away.”

Toobin continued on: “And then in Los Angeles, as part of a fairly conventional fraud, you know, providing false documents to get loans from banks that, you know, to deal with the troubling investment in a coffee company he had in the northwest. But, you know, Michael Avenatti became a very familiar figure on CNN and elsewhere, but he has had a series of problems since he, you know, since he became famous. And remember, he said he was running for president for a while, which is, like, a megalomaniac move in and of itself. It’s a bad problem.”

Gloria Borger then joined in to ask what Avenatti was thinking.

“What would ever make you think you could extort Nike without the general counsel of Nike saying, wait a minute, you can’t do this?” Borger asked. “I mean, it’s just — it’s sort of stunning.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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