CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin On Health Care Ruling: This Is A Day ‘For Me To Eat A Bit Of Crow’

Jeffrey Toobin, CNN’s chief legal analyst, heaped praise on Solicitor General Donald Verrilli, whose arguments before the High Court in March he called a “train wreck” and a “plane wreck.” “This is a day for Don Verilli to take an enormous amount of credit and for me to eat a bit of crow,” said Toobin.

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Toobin said that there were a number of surprises in today’s ruling, not the least of which was that the arguments forwarded by Solicitor General Verrilli were upheld by the Supreme Court.

Toobin said that Verrilli was given a “rough time” by the Supreme Court justices during oral arguments in March, but he was given an “even rougher time by people who watched the argument, especially me.”

“He won today,” said Toobin. “This is a day for Don Verilli to take an enormous amount of credit and for me to eat a bit of crow. Because he won and everybody should know that that argument was a winning argument whatever you thought of it.”

Back in March, when the government was defending the government’s arguments about the constitutionality of the health care reform law, Toobin called the arguments a “train wreck” and a “plane wreck”

“This still looks like a train wreck for the Obama Administration, and it may also be a plane wreck. This entire law is now in serious trouble,” Toobin said in March. “Certainly there are some members of the court, Antonin Scalia, Justice Alito, who want to strike down the entire law, but it seemed almost a foregone conclusion today that they were going to strike down the individual mandate, and the only question is does the whole law go out the window with it?”

Watch Toobin’s offer his mea culpa below via CNN:

Watch Toobin’s comments from March below via CNN:

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