CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin Walks Out Of Supreme Court, Bets ‘Court Will Strike Down The Individual Mandate’

CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin walked out of the Supreme Court’s hearing on the health care mandate Tuesday afternoon, calling today’s talks a “trainwreck for the Obama administration” and adding that it “looks like it’s going to be struck down.”

Chief Justice John Roberts, he noted, was the only conservative Justice who appeared as if he might uphold the law, with the “swing voter,” Justice Anthony Kennedy, appearing “enormously skeptical.”

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Toobin also opined that the Solicitor General Donald Verrilli did a “simply awful” job of defending the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act today, noting that he was nervous and not particularly well-spoken while taking questions. “He was not simply ready with good answers,” said Toobin.

The key question for Kennedy, said Toobin, was whether Congress can create commerce in order to regulate it.

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“I mean, this was a fight among the justices,” he added, with the liberal judges trying their best to defend the law while Chief Justice Roberts acted as the “wild card,” asking very tough questions of both sides.

Overall, Toobin concluded that, as he sees it, “this law is in grave, grave trouble.” Although, he cautioned, “I could be wrong…”

Have a look, via CNN:

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