CNN’s Jim Acosta Calls Out White House for Lack of Press Briefings Amid Family Separation Crisis


It has been a busy week at the White House as questions continue to swirl around the family separation policy at our nation’s southern border as well as the true impact of Trump’s executive order ending the policy.

Yet, according to CNN’s Jim Acosta, many of those questions remained unanswered after the White House has held only one press briefing this week.

That press briefing was actually dominated by Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen, who offered a rather ham-fisted defense of the policy to the press. prior to Trump nixing it two days later.

The briefing, apparently, pleased Trump, but did not provide a complete understanding of what the administration was thinking or what was going on.

Now, according to Acosta, as of late Friday, the answers still aren’t coming and questions remain on where the administration really has a plan after Trump’s executive order was signed adding more confusion to the situation.

“As for the White House press secretary, Sarah Sanders has had one briefing this week. We can show you a picture of the briefing room. It’s sitting virtually empty this evening. The only one she’s had this week was with the Homeland Security secretary earlier this week,” Acosta said. “Look how it is this evening. A few reporters in the briefing room waiting for answers that are not coming. We are simply not getting any answers from this administration as to what this plan is to return these children to their parents. We have not heard from the White House press secretary on this front since Monday.”

Acosta also sent out the following tweet, noting: “For the fourth straight day there was no WH briefing.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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