CNN’s Jim Acosta Tells Bizarre Story About Sarah Sanders Trying to Sing a Christmas Carol With Him


CNN chief White House correspondent and frequent Trump target Jim Acosta told ABC late-night host Jimmy Kimmel a bizarre story about the time Sarah Sanders tried to rope him into singing a Christmas carol with her just days after a judge forced her to reinstate his press pass.

“After they took away my press pass, we had to go to court,” Acosta recalled of the incident late last year when then-Press Secretary Sanders revoked his official White House credentials after an incident at a presidential press conference. During the Q-and-A, Acosta had challenged President Donald Trump’s characterization of a migrant caravan in Mexico as an “invasion” and then he had refused to relinquish the microphone to a White House staffer, so he could ask a follow-up question. Afterward, Trump Tweeted out that Acosta was a “rude, terrible person” and the White House tried to claim the CNN reporter had physically accosted the intern and tried to use an edited video to press their case.

“After I got it back, there was a White House Christmas party and she and [White House Communications Director] Bill Shine came up to me and they wanted to sing the ’12 Days of Christmas.’ And I’m thinking to myself ‘Okay, we just went through this whole press pass court case and everything.’ We got to about five golden rings and I’m like: ‘That’s it. I’m out of here.'”

“Just the three of you, they wanted to sing it? That’s the craziest thing I’ve ever heard,” Kimmel said.

“It was,” Acosta confirmed. “And I didn’t know if it was ‘Deck the Halls’ or deck the correspondent.”

“Wow, that’s really very disturbing, almost like a horror movie,” Kimmel joked.

Watch the video above, via ABC.

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