CNN’s Jim Acosta: Trump ‘Hates’ Mattis Exit Letter, But Hates Media Narrative That He Needs ‘Adult Daycare’ More

Defense Secretary James Mattis‘ resignation letter to President Donald Trump was, in part, a rebuke of the President’s worldview with the acknowledgement that he should choose a DefSec who aligns more closely with his philosophy.

A lot of people––including Republican lawmakers––were shellshocked by Mattis resigning, a decision following the President’s Syria withdrawal announcement.

CNN’s Jim Acosta reported tonight that Trump was less than happy with the letter:

“I’m told by a source close to the White House, an advisor who advises the President occasionally, that he hates that letter… from the Defense Secretary James Mattis, but that he ‘hates’ the coverage even more, because he does not like this conventional wisdom––and we heard about it all last night after the Defense Secretary’s letter was read publicly on the air––that essentially Jim Mattis, as well as other long-serving members of this administration, people who have been in Washington for a long time, people like chief of staff John Kelly and so on––that they were sort of the adults in the room… who were there to keep the President from going overboard.”

Acosta added more explicitly Trump is “irritated” that people feel he’s in need of “adult daycare.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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