CNN’s Jim Acosta: Trump Supporters Get Their View of the Media ‘Twisted and Warped’ By His Loyalists


CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta appeared on The Late Show and discussed his recent interactions with Trump supporters at the Tampa rally last week.

Stephen Colbert began the conversation by addressing Acosta’s confrontation with Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders over President Donald Trump‘s repeated attacks of the media calling them the “enemy of the people” and demanding her to say they aren’t the “enemy.”

“It’s not a big deal, right? Just say, you know, we’re not the enemy of the people,” Acosta told Colbert. “At the end of the day, you shouldn’t be referring to journalists as the ‘enemy of the people.’ We’re not the enemy of the people.”

The Late Show host probed the reporter about why Trump specifically doesn’t like CNN. Acosta responded by saying his network has to “be fact checkers in real time,” citing many of the president’s falsehoods like when he said President Barack Obama “wiretapped” Trump Tower or that millions of illegal immigrants prevented him from winning the popular vote in the 2016 election.

“I don’t think we do ourselves any good, Stephen, if we shy away from these hard questions,” Acosta said. “And, you know, my goodness, the way I look at it is– and this is the debate I have with my fellow journalists when we talk about this is what if we just did nothing? Do we just sit back and do nothing in the face of that?”

Acosta later spoke about his interactions with rally goers in Tampa, saying many of them were”well-intentioned” and “care about the country.”

“They’ll ask me, ‘Why don’t you report the good things he does?’ I said, ‘Listen, we just talked about the jobs numbers last Friday. He had good jobs numbers last Friday.’ And they say, ‘Oh, okay. Well, do you like the president?’ And I said, ‘That’s not relevant. I don’t have to like the president of the United States. He doesn’t have to like me. We all have jobs to do,'” Acosta continued. “My sense of it, Stephen, is that a lot of these folks- they get their impression of what we do by watching other conservative outlets, they look at other conservative websites. And these folks are focused on the coverage of the president’s behavior more so than the president’s behavior. And to me, I think the president’s behavior is more newsworthy than our coverage. But a lot of these folks out there, they’re getting their sense of what we do twisted and warped by some people out there who just want to do the president’s bidding.”

Watch the clip above, via CBS.

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