CNN’s Jim Acosta: Trump ‘Ushering A Return to The Cold War’ With Cuba


CNN’s Jim Acosta dropped a reference to a conflict from the 20th century as he discussed Donald Trump‘s Friday speech in Miami, where the President announced a restoration of some pre-Obama policies regarding Cuba.

“He is [Trump is] ushering in a Cold War — a return to the Cold War — between Washington and Havana,” Acosta said. “He made that very clear in this speech.”

The CNN correspondent outlined how the President went after “the Castro government time and again — accusing the government in Havana of…rounding up innocent people, putting them behind bars purely for political reasons. He talked about firing squads at one point, the sounds of gunshots in the air…that is the kind of Cold War rhetoric that we have heard for decades between the United States and Cuba.”

Acosta continued by pointing out that “when he [Trump] says that he is completely canceling the Obama administration’s policy on Cuba, that’s not the case, as he acknowledged later on in his remarks.”

The journalist soon added that “we have to call them like we see them here. When the President talks about human rights and abuses and that sort of thing…he just came back from a foreign trip that began in Saudi Arabia, where they still chop people’s heads off. And so, there is selective outrage here when it comes to human rights.”

Acosta also emphasized that “the President is making it pretty clear that when it comes to winning presidential elections every four years, this Cuban-American community down here in Miami is still vitally important.” He noted that “Cuban-Americans…say this is not a monolithic community. Not everybody here in Miami is in favor of a full reversal of the Obama administration policy….a total reversal of this policy would even outrage, I think, some of the hardliners that are in this crowd today.”

You can watch Acosta’s initial reporting in the embedded video above, via CNN.

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