CNN’s Jim Sciutto Confronts Trump Campaign Spox Over Trump Questioning Mitt Romney’s Faith


CNN’s Jim Sciutto and Trump 2020 campaign adviser Mercedes Schlapp mixed it up on Thursday as they talked about President Donald Trump’s attack on Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT).

Schlapp joined Sciutto for an interview that began with how Trump retaliated to Romney’s pro-impeachment vote by slamming the senator for using “faith as justification” for that. When asked if she questions Romney’s faith, Schlapp answered “I don’t question his faith. I think it is kind of odd he would use his faith as an excuse to go after the president, especially when we know there’s a personal vendetta against the president.”

“How do you know that?” Sciutto asked her.

From there, Schlapp went on the attack:

“Mitt Romney has decided that he is going to be that outlier in the Republican Party and go against the president. That is just where he has positioned himself. He wants to be more accepted by the Acela corridor and be the Senator of the Acela corridor rather than the Senator of Utah. There is the sense with Romney that he has – from the beginning, even before President Trump was elected – he was going to use his faith, his moral ground to make the case against the president even being elected in the first place.”

Schlapp continued by saying Romney “asked for specific favors from the president” when he had dinner with Trump while being considered for Secretary of State.

“It just shows Mitt Romney has no loyalty,” she concluded.

Schlapp’s tirade against Romney comes after her husband, Conservative Political Action Conference chairman Matt Schlapp, already banished the senator from the conference for voting to have witnesses at Trump’s impeachment trial.

Watch above, via CNN.

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