CNN’s Jim Sciutto Presses Border Patrol Agent Who Refuses to Say Immigrants are Only ‘Desperate’


In a back-and-forth discussion on CNN Newsroom Monday morning, Jim Sciutto repeatedly tried to get a border patrol agent to decide whether migrants illegally crossing the southern border are “evil, dangerous people” participating in an “invasion,” or whether they are simply “desperate people looking for help.” Border patrol agent Chris Cabrera refused to choose.

“Is this an invasion? Are these evil dangerous people who are trying to come in or are they desperate people whether you agree with it or not, are they desperate people looking for help?” Scuttio asked Cabrera, in response to President Donald Trump‘s description of the migrants headed up toward the United States-Mexico border.

Cabrera said “the short answer is yes, both.” He added that while many of the migrants are desperate and looking to escape harm in their own countries, there are also many “wolves in sheep’s clothing” who are taking advantage of the migrant caravans in order to transport or hide criminal activity. He described the situation he and his colleagues are dealing with as “so far out of hand you guys wouldn’t believe it if you saw it.”

Sciutto pressed on whether the migrants are “invaders” or “desperate” people.

“Fair enough. And I — I’m sure that’s the case,” he said. “But by and large, are these mostly invaders, or do you see people who are fleeing desperate situations in Central America, by and large?”

Again, Cabrera answered he sees “both.” He described the circumstances of desperate migrants who may at the same time be taking advantage of the system. The border patrol agent said the immigration system at the southern border is broken, yet no lawmakers on either side of the political aisle are willing to take action to fix it because of how divisive the issue has become.

“I think that’s the problem is people are too divided over this Republican versus Democrat and this is not a Republican versus Democrat issue,” said Cabrera. “This is an issue that needs to get solved for humanitarian purposes and for security purposes regardless of what side of the aisle you’re on. These congressmen, these senators, these lawmakers need to get to work, get the job done or step aside and let somebody in there who will.”

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