CNN’s Jim Sciutto Tears Into Sarah Sanders After Briefing: She’s Entering ‘Delusional Territory’

During today’s White House press briefing, Sarah Huckabee Sanders insisted that President Trump has done more on Russia than Barack Obama ever did. That claim set off CNN’s Jim Sciutto this afternoon.

Huckabee Sanders made that claim––as did the President this morning––amid her defense to the press that Trump has accepted that Russia interfered in the election.

Sciutto said questioning whether Obama did enough is certainly a fair question, but to make that kind of leap goes too far:

“When you compare the Trump administration response––particularly this president’s response––and the Obama administration’s response, I mean, Sarah Sanders is entering, really, delusional territory there.”

He brought up examples of actions the previous administration took, including on sanctions.

“It is one thing,” Sciutto concluded, “to say the Obama administration didn’t act strongly enough. That’s something you’ve even heard from Obama administration officials. But to claim being stronger than the Obama administration? Listen, the facts don’t stand up to that and I’m sure Sarah Sanders knows that as well as anybody else.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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