CNN Contributors Clash Over WH Abuse Scandal: ‘I Don’t Know How You Can Live With Yourself!’


Things got very intense during a CNN panel discussion on White House Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly and his involvement in the Rob Porter scandal.

CNN contributor Joan Walsh told host Erin Burnett that she thought Kelly “has got to go” for his handling of this White House controversy because he “allowed” Porter to work while being accused of domestic abuse along with not having full security clearance.

Meanwhile, former Trump campaign advisor Steve Cortes defended Kelly, insisting the chief of staff “didn’t know” how Porter behaved at home versus a “professional setting,” but Burnett pushed back with reports that Kelly knew about the allegations since last fall.

Cortes went on to accuse the left of trying to portray Kelly as “the next boogeyman” like they had with Steve Bannon.

“This is a hero that should be honored and venerated,” Cortes said. ” A man who lives to serve the American public and American security. And for you, Joan, frankly, to besmirch him in this way –-”

“Besmirch him?” Walsh reacted. “He besmirched himself.”

“I am not fit to shine his shoes and neither of you, quite frankly, okay?” Cortes exclaimed. “This man has given more to this country than we have even thought about giving to the United States.”

Walsh ordered Cortes to “stop filibustering” and to “just shush!”

“I lament the loss of his son.  I thank him for his service. And I think about the two ex-wives plus a girlfriend who told the FBI this information,” Walsh continued. “It’s not like he just found it out last night, Steve. And I don’t know how you can live with yourself pretending.”

“Uh, yes he did!” Cortes shouted.

“Okay, you’re calling CNN, you’re calling our reporters here liars?” Walsh shot back. “They have reported, they have confirmed that he had this information.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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