CNN’s Joe Lockhart: Trump Views White People as More ‘Important’ Than Everyone Else


CNN political analyst and former Clinton White House press secretary Joe Lockhart said there is “no doubt” that President Donald Trump views white people as more “important” than all other racial groups.

Lockhart made the comments on CNN Friday while responding to the president’s change of tune on Hurricane Dorian as it shifts direction away from Puerto Rico and toward Florida.

“There’s no doubt that the president doesn’t view Puerto Rico as part of the United States,” said Lockhart. “He doesn’t view people who didn’t vote for him as important. And he doesn’t view people who aren’t white as important as everyone else. That’s just — it’s that simple.”

“We don’t need any more examples of how he views the word, and that’s unfortunate,” he added.

Lockhart went on to commend Trump for cancelling his trip to Poland this weekend in light of the hurricane.

“It’s not just symbolic,” he said. “There are times you remember in — with Katrina where there were problems between state and local and federal and the president can sort those things out. He can get on the phone and get people to work together. So it is symbolically the right thing to do, but it’s also the right thing for the president to do.”

On Thursday, Trump took to Twitter to warn Americans in Dorian’s path that “it will be a very big Hurricane, perhaps one of the biggest!”

While the hurricane is expected to hit Florida by Sunday, it was previously bound for Puerto Rico — a potential disaster that the president used to attack the island territory and its leaders.

“We are tracking closely tropical storm Dorian as it heads, as usual, to Puerto Rico. FEMA and all others are ready, and will do a great job. When they do, let them know it, and give them a big Thank You – Not like last time. That includes from the incompetent Mayor of San Juan!” he wrote.

Watch above, via CNN.

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