CNN’s John Avlon Delivers Harsh Reality Check on Trump’s End of Year Numbers – Compared to Predecessors

On Thursday, CNN’s John Avlon applied a tough reality check to President Donald Trump while dissecting how 45 is faring compared to his predecessors two years into the presidency.

Avlon started by noting Trump’s approval rating sits at 39% in the latest Gallup polls, while most presidents average around 56% at the end of their second year in office. While it’s true that the Trump administration is at the top of the pile on the unemployment rate compared to other modern presidencies, Avlon noted that Trump inherited an economy on the rise whereas most of his predecessors faced economies in recession.

“That combination of a record low approval ratings and record low unemployment is ominous,” Avlon argued, “because it suggests that if the economy takes a downturn, Trump’s job approval rating could fall even further.”

Avlon went on to note that the government shutdown is still in play, and fact checkers have identified more than 7,500 false or misleading statements from Trump since he took office. Though dishonest politicians are hardly a new phenomenon in America, Avlon cited Trump’s most recent lies about military pay raises while saying there’s “no comparison” in the amount of falsehoods between Trump and past presidents.

Watch above, via CNN.

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