CNN’s John Avlon: Nothing Says Socialism Like Trump’s Plan to Seize Private Property for a Border Wall

CNN’s John Avlon fact-checked President Donald Trump on Wednesday by holding a dissection of last night’s State of the Union address.

Avlon started by honing in on the intriguing moment when Trump said he wants America to have the “largest numbers ever” for legal immigration, just not illegal immigration. Beyond the fact that Trump ad-libbed that line since it was nowhere to be seen in the written copy of his speech, Avlon noted how Trump’s Administration has taken numerous efforts to make legal migration more difficult.

“When the president said he wants more people to come to our country in the largest numbers ever, don’t believe the hype,” Avlon said.

When Avlon reached the parts where Trump called for his border wall again and denounced socialism in America, the CNN host found it ironic since Trump will more than likely have to use seize private property areas to build his barricade.

“The president plans to use eminent domain to take land for parts of his border wall,” Avlon snarked. “Nothing like seizing private property for a government goal.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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