CNN’s John Avlon Breaks Down Trump’s ‘62% Senior Staff Turnover’: A ‘Fine-Tuned Machine?’


In a “reality check” segment, CNN’s New Day team broke down how President Donald Trump’s “fine-tuned machine” at the White House has had “historic” levels of turnover among top staffers.

“If you feel like the revolving door at the White House is spinning more quickly lately, you are right,” anchor John Berman said this morning. “In fact the rate of turnover in the Trump White House is not just high, but it’s historic.”

CNN Senior Political Analyst John Avlon then picked up for Berman and broke down the numbers from recent Brookings Institute research.

“A fine-tuned machine, that’s how President Trump often describes his administration, but we have seen major turnovers at senior levels, and it’s always denied at first by the administration, but as of today, Trump’s turnover stands at 62% — according to Brookings.”

Avlon then listed numerous of Trump’s ousted or departed former officials, from Michael Flynn to James Comey.

“The latest in the long episode of as the West Wing turns is chief of staff John Kelly,” he continued. “Now just a few months ago President Trump asked Kelly to stay on through 2020. Last week, Trump called all reports of internal discord between them ‘fake news.'”

“Now, he’s sounding more like Emily Litella,” Avlon added, before playing a clip of Saturday Night Live’s famous Emily Litella “nevermind” skit.

He went on to note that Trump has set a presidential record for “the most chief of staffs in the first two years of office.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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