CNN’s John Avlon Shreds Fox News’ Coverage of Biden’s Speech as ‘Desperate Jackassery’ and ‘Hysterical Screaming’


CNN Senior political analyst John Avlon had a harsh assessment of Fox News’ coverage of President Joe Biden’s recent speech on the Covid relief bill and pandemic restrictions, shredding their approach as propagandistic, “desperate jackassery,” and “hysterical screaming.”

Avlon, along with his fellow commentator wife Margaret Hoover, appeared on CNN Newsroom with Ana Cabrera to discuss Biden’s speech, which garnered many positive comments — but not on Fox News.

Cabrera played several clips of Fox News hosts and commentators, including Mark Levin, Ben Domenech, and Sean Hannity, offering scathing criticism and mockery, and asked Hoover and Avlon for their reactions.

“This isn’t news, this is propaganda,” said Hoover. “This is ideology.”

“Of course it is not news,” Avlon agreed. “It is talking points and it’s desperate jackassery, to hear Mark Levin bleat about a ‘demagogic speech’ that was civil and kind and compassionate, after defending Donald Trump for the past four years, tells you everything you need to know.”

This type of rhetoric, Avlon continued, “explains why we are having difficulty having a fact-based debate in this country. This is not anything resembling facts. This isn’t even opinion. This is just hysterical screaming in the other room against a phantom menace, and it’s nonsense.”

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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