CNN’s John Avlon: Trump’s Birtherism is Too ‘Sickening to Swallow’ For Kushner

CNN’s John Avlon said on Monday that it’ll be difficult for Jared Kushner to separate himself from his father-in-law in light of how he handled questions recently on President Donald Trump’s birtherism.

In an interview with Axios that aired over the weekend, Kushner repeatedly deflected when asked “was it racist” when his father-in-law repeatedly claimed Barack Obama was not born in America, therefore ineligible to be President of the United States. In his reaction to that on New Day, Avlon thought “you can read that as ‘yes, it was racist but I can’t say that because he’s not only the president but my father-in-law.'”

As Avlon kept lambasting Kushner for his “repeated dodge and unwillingness to confront the question,” he concluded that “some things are too sickening to swallow, even for the birth-like.”

“It’s going to be very tough to separate the Trump and Kushner legacies,” Avlon said.

Watch above, via CNN.

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