CNN’s John Berman and Sarah Sanders Battle Over People Affected by Shutdown: This Is Over the Wall


During her interview with CNN, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked by John Berman how long can people who are furloughed be expected to work without being payed.

“Frankly if it was up to us, and certainly if it was up to the president, they wouldn’t be working without pay,” Sanders said. “Which is why the president has actually put something on the table that helps reopens the government, gets those 800,000 workers paid, but it also does something that is fundamental to the survival of our country and that’s protecting our borders, that’s protecting the American citizens.”

Sanders further bashed Democrats for going on trips to Puerto Rico and Hawaii as the government shutdown was going on longer than expected.

Berman pointed to when President Donald Trump said he would be proud to shut the government down in December of 2018: “He chose this path, he chose this.”

“John, unlike the Democrats in Congress, the president has chosen to fulfill his constitutional duty, his number one priority as commander-in-chief, which is to protect the American people,” she replied.

“The only reason the government is shutdown is because of the wall, correct,” Berman asked.

“Look, John, I don’t know many I don’t know how many times I can explain that you can’t fix part of the problem and expect it to go away,” Sanders said.

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