CNN’s John Berman Calls Out Trump, Kellyanne Over Mueller Report: They ‘Flat Out Lied’


CNN’s John Berman called out President Donald Trump for lying on Friday in light of reports the president tried to order Robert Mueller‘s firing last year.

Berman had New York TimesMaggie Haberman on New Day to talk about her groundbreaking report about how Trump wanted to terminate the head of the special investigation on Russia. Trump reportedly wanted Mueller axed because of several supposed conflicts of interest, yet he backed off after top White House lawyer Don McGahn threatened to quit.

Haberman noted that Newsmax chief and Trump-pal Chris Ruddy told journalists back in June that Trump wanted Mueller, yet his statements were dismissed by the White House at the time. Berman noted that other news sources have corroborated the Times report, and after saying the president “flat out lied,” he brought up a supercut of Trump and his closest advisers insisting that they never considered getting rid of Mueller.

“The president flat-out said he never thought about it, that’s a lie,” Berman said. “Kellyanne Conway said he never discussed it. That, too, is a lie.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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