CNN’s John Berman: ‘Co-President’ Sean Hannity Calls Border Security Deal a Garbage Compromise


News of a compromised border security deal broke Monday night, which if approved and signed by President Donald Trump, would appear to keep the U.S. government shutting down again just three weeks after the record shut down. Details of the compromise are still emerging, but CNN New Day host John Berman put in stark relief the political challenges the Trump administrations face when he noted “Co-President” Sean Hannity called the deal a “garbage compromise.”

After running through what is now known as the specifics of the reported deal, Berman noted that its still unclear where Trump stands on it, saying “We do not know if the president will sign on.” He then added “We do know the co-president doesn’t like it. Sean Hannity called it a garbage compromise.”

Berman’s citing of Fox News’s prime time host’s displeasure is not just some random dig at a cable news competitor. Hannity is a close ally and friend of the Commander in Chief and is reported to speak with President Trump regularly. Hannity even appeared on stage at Trump political rally on the eve of the last midterm elections.

The political support of Trump’s border security agenda has also played a critical part in the border security negotiations and the recent government shutdown. The Trump administration had agreed to a resolution to fund the government in December while Congress negotiated a border security funding measure, but pressure from the hard right side of Trump’s media supporters — namely Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter — called foul, which led President Trump to a change of heart and the record shutdown.

So Hannity’s calling this a “garbage compromise” is no small thing, and could very well signal what comes next in this ongoing political drama surrounding border security.

Watch above via CNN.

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