CNN’s John Berman: Devastation in the Bahamas Makes White House Actions That Much More Pathetic


CNN New Day host John Berman had harsh words for the White House Friday morning, noting that the “scope and breadth” of the problems facing hurricane-ravaged areas of the Bahamas, “the bigness of the catastrophe, makes what’s been going on in the White House that much more pathetically small”

The Bahamas are currently digging out after being ravaged by category 5 Hurricane Dorian and CNN’s Patrick Oppman was able to enter specific areas of devastation. He finished a live report to New Day by noting the “stench of death” surrounding him and noting that he isn’t paying much attention to the official government death count “because I know that is nowhere near what it’s going to be.”

Berman followed Oppman’s report by saying “can I just say, when you hear the scope and the breadth of the problem Patrick is witnessing there, the bigness of the catastrophe, it makes what’s been going on in the White House that much more pathetically small.”

Co-host Alisyn Camerota replied by saying “Yes. But I would say significant.”

Berman, “I’m not saying insignificant. I just think the discrepancy there is so glaring. I mean, I don’t have the words to describe how alarming it is.”

Camerota continued ” I understand that. But I think that because of that discrepancy is why we continue to report on it and why the president is still fixated on it. We have new developments today. I think the illustration of that split screen of what is truly happening and then the imaginary world in Alabama where something else is happening is really important to continue to report the development.”

“It should be the source of shame” Berman finished before teasing an upcoming segment.

Watch above via CNN.

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