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CNN’s John Berman Is Not Happy About the NFL Dropping Roman Numerals

There’s a lot happening this week that has real-world implications on the world we live in. Also, the NFL isn’t using Roman numerals next year. Oh, the outrage. And CNN’s John Berman actually got really worked up about it this morning, channeling what I can only describe as nerd rage against this affront to an ancient system of counting things.

See, apparently the NFL didn’t like the idea of the 50th Super Bowl being called “SUPER BOWL L,” possibly because it looked silly or something. Right, because XLVIII is MACHO AS HELL but L by itself is, what, too wimpy?

But really, Berman went over and beyond here, from a “friends, Romans, countrymen” preamble to crying “Et tu, Roger Goodell?” to just throwing out a bunch of words that start with the letter L like CNN’s turned into Sesame Street all of a sudden.

But it took a surprising turn at the end when Berman said, “Who would have thought that in football, Roman numerals would disappear before the Redskins name? The league more sensitive to the concerns of the anti-L lobby than to Native Americans? Think about that.”

Watch the video below, via CNN:

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