CNN’s John Berman Sees GOP Retreating to ‘Last Defensible Position’: Trump Did Quid Pro Quo, But ‘Not Impeachable’


CNN’s John Berman seems to think Republicans are losing ground on President Donald Trump’s Ukraine scandal, based on how they’ve shifted around their arguments in order to keep defending him.

On New Day, Berman brought up the latest developments surrounding the push to impeach Trump over his Ukraine quid pro quo, and he said “I think Republicans retreated to what they see as their last defensible position on all of this, which is that: okay, the president did it. He maybe even did all of it. There may even have been a quid pro quo. All of it. But it’s not impeachable.” Berman made this point by noting that Kellyanne Conway told Dana Bash on Sunday “I don’t know” if aid was withheld from Ukraine until they agreed to investigate Joe Biden.

“If Kellyanne Conway won’t tell Dana whether aid was being held up, it’s because she can’t,” Berman said. “Because she knows, presumably, that it was. And this is the last line for Republicans here. Okay, we’ll concede everything here. We still don’t think you should impeach.”

Paul Begala agreed by assessing that the GOP “has given up” on denying the quid pro quo at the root of the scandal. He also raised the eyebrows of the panel when he described Conway as “slippier than an eel in a bucket full of vaseline.”

“She owes the taxpayers who pay her salary an honest answer. And the honest answer is they withheld the funds from Ukraine in order to get political advantage. That’s a crime,” Begala said. “If they want to say that’s not impeachable, that’s fine. Many of them decided that an affair and lying about an affair was. So it doesn’t raise to the level of an affair, a consensual adult affair, but it’s extortion with our taxpayer money and our national security.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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