CNN’s John King Mocks Rush Limbaugh’s Hillary Clinton-Mueller Conspiracy: She’s ‘That Powerful?’


CNN chief national correspondent John King mocked conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh for saying Hillary Clinton should go to jail for conspiring with top law enforcement officials to spy on Donald Trump‘s campaign and install the special counsel against him.

Limbaugh, who made the comments on Fox News last night, said Clinton “needs to be investigated, she needs to be indicted, and she needs to be in jail.”

After noting that Limbaugh is fresh off a weekend golf outing with the president, King said that while the AM talk radio pundit “often makes intellectual cases… [for] conservative positions,” he has “a few beefs” with what Limbaugh said this time.

“If you listen to a lot of what he says, though, he is talking about how this is Hillary Clinton’s fault, this investigation,” King said, before proceeding to outline Limbaugh’s hairbrained conspiracy:

“So I’m trying to figure out how, while Hillary Clinton was mad at James Comey for coming out and publicly saying things that may or may not have cost Hillary Clinton the election, but certainly didn’t help her politically, she somehow got James Comey to launch a counterintelligence investigation of the president of the United States and then she got all these people who work for Donald Trump, read the Mueller report, to cooperate with Bob Mueller to say awful things about Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton’s that powerful?”

The New York Times‘ Jonathan Martin noted Trump just continues to push red meat talking points to the 30-40 percent of voters who listen to Limbaugh and watch Fox News.

“What he’s trying to create for those people is a parallel universe,” King said, adding that the president is telling his supporters, “Don’t believe what anybody else, just believe what I tell you.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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