CNN’s John King on Parkland Shooting: ‘The Breakdown in the System Here is Beyond Stunning’

CNN’s John King delivered a harsh rebuke against the institutions that failed to prevent alleged Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz from carrying out his horrific act — noting that various authorities were warned, in one way or another, ahead of time.

King rattled off a list of the many failures, including yesterday’s bombshell report that armed guard Scott Peterson did not enter the campus, despite being onsite at the time of the shooting.

“Whatever your views on gun control, when you go through the list, the mixed signals, the officer who stood outside and didn’t act, did not enter the building, law enforcement called to Cruz’s house 39 times in seven years,” he said.

“We have a longer list. We don’t have time for it this hour. Whatever your views on gun control, the breakdown in the system here is just beyond stunning.”

Washington Post columnist Karoun Demirjian agreed, saying “You have to be able to talk about fixing the system if you are going to try to improve the system.”

King added, “The volume of the gun control debate sometimes will get in the way of basic conversations about the competence of people in charge.”

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