CNN’s John King Rebukes Trump’s ‘Tweets and Lies and Frivolous Lawsuits’: ‘It’s a Pipe Dream…Simply Ludicrous’


“Math is math.” CNN’s John King was emphatic on that point Thursday evening, walking through the latest vote totals on his famous “Magic Wall,” and rebuking President Donald Trump’s ongoing refusal to concede the 2020 election to President-Elect Joe Biden.

Host Erin Burnett introduced the segment by asking King to explain what the latest results from Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Nevada were showing.

“Most of all, Erin,” said King, “they show that tweets and lies and frivolous lawsuits do not change the fundamental rule of politics, and that is math. Math.”

King reviewed the latest numbers from several remaining states, noting that Biden’s lead in Pennsylvania was growing, and while the margin in Arizona had narrowed slightly, the state was nearly done counting ballots and the remaining ones were Democratic-leaning areas, and highly unlikely to provide the numbers needed for Trump to close the gap and overtake Biden.

CNN had yet to call North Carolina, because ballots that were mailed and postmarked on Election Day could arrive as late as Thursday, and the state had not announced how many ballots that might be, making it impossible for the network’s statisticians to be sure.

Nonetheless, continued King, Trump had a “pretty healthy lead” in the state and “no one in the Biden campaign is staying up at night thinking they’re going to win North Carolina.”

Burnett slammed Trump for “putting out these false statements,” even though Biden’s lead in these states was larger than Trump’s had been over Hillary Clinton in 2016, when the election “wasn’t contested,” and not “this fraught, horrible experience that everybody’s going through.”

King walked through the 2016 numbers, noting that four years ago, Clinton had called Trump on Election Night and publicly conceded the next morning, and showing that, yes, Biden’s 2020 margins were larger than Trump’s had been in 2016.

“Here is the reality of this,” said King as he assigned the remaining electoral college votes — North Carolina to Trump, and Georgia and Arizona to Biden — and concluded that for Trump to win, he would have to turn not one, not two, but three of these states to get over the electoral college’s vital threshold of 270.

“He has to turn three states,” said King. “Even if he turns Michigan and Pennsylvania in court — pipe dream. It’s not enough. This is simply ludicrous. It’s not going to happen.”

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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