CNN’s Kate Bolduan and David Chalian Thrash Giuliani, Trump Over Pelosi Video ‘Crap’: ‘This is So Stupid!’


CNN’s Kate Bolduan and David Chalian teamed up on Friday to tear President Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani to shreds for their bogus efforts to impugn Nancy Pelosi‘s mental condition.

During Friday’s At This Hour, the two discussed Trump and Giuliani’s circulation of a highly-unflattering, doctored video of Pelosi. Bolduan, right at the top, said, “I don’t know what other word to say, this is so stupid!” She added that it is “dangerous” for the president to be circulating this kind of content about the House Speaker — content that typically never goes beyond the fringes of the internet.

Chalian agreed that the commotion is a sign of the “broken” state of American politics.

“We in the press have a job to do to call out this crap when we see it and identify it as that and hopefully inform the public, but that’s not going to stop,” Chalian said. “This is a really dangerous practice, and having it amplified by a Rudy Giuliani or President Trump, that just puts it on turbo charge.”

Noting Giuliani’s garbled attempt to address the Pelosi blow-up on Twitter, Bolduan said she is “really scared” — given that he apparently believes “a manipulated video to send out is fine because she criticized the president.”

Chalian said this doesn’t even amount to a “childhood playground argument,” since Giuliani is more or less justifying the spread of false information as a rebuke to Pelosi’s actual comments.

“The media needs to do a good job, a better job by calling things out when they need to call things out,” Bolduan concluded, “but also this is a very stark reminder that voters need to be smart.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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