CNN’s Keith Boykin Goes At It With Trump Pal Over Eagles Snub From WH: POTUS ‘Lives to Divide Our Country!’

CNN contributor Keith Boykin and Trump pal Rob Astorino collided tonight when Outfront host Erin Burnett asked them about President Donald Trump‘s decision to disinvite the Philadelphia Eagles from the White House tomorrow.

The Eagles were expected to be honored at a ceremony for their Super Bowl victory on Tuesday. But Trump yanked the team’s invite because several players support their colleagues who kneel during the national anthem for social justice reform. Astorino responded to the development by noting that several professional athletes have said they would never accept an invite from Trump — though he did say their invitations shouldn’t have been revoked.

Boykin said that between Trump disinviting people who politically disagree with him, and his statements about pardoning himself, the president is acting like “an autocrat, a king, a dictator.”

The two proceeded to battle — with Astorino arguing that professional athletes didn’t all agree with Barack Obama when he was on office either, and Boykin countering by saying that Obama didn’t disinvite athletes to the White House as a way of punishing them for their free speech.

“President Obama never did that. Donald Trump is doing that, that makes him divisive,” Boykin said. “He’s dividing us even about something that’s supposed to bring us together: football. He’s dividing us about sports. This man lives to divide our country!”

Watch above, via CNN.

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