CNN’s Kirsten Powers Tangles With Fmr. Trump Spox Jason Miller Over Don Jr.: ‘Absolutely Absurd’


In the wake of the bombshell report of Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with a Russian lawyer to get dirt on Hillary Clinton from the Russian government, conservative pundits have — according to many on the left including Daily Show host Trevor Noah — used a decent amount of pretzel logic to justify and defend Trump Jr.’s actions.

Tonight, CNN political commentator and former Trump spokesperson Jason Miller ran through a series of talking points and alibis to make the case that the blockbuster story was much ado about nothing. And CNN political analyst Kirsten Powers wasn’t impressed.

Now, to be fair, CNN host Erin Burnett was the first one to really push back against Miller. After he rattled off a whole string excuses that have been used elsewhere, such as Loretta Lynch let the lawyer into the country on a visa, Burnett asked him what that had to do with anything while adding “it doesn’t really matter if she was meeting with anybody else.”

After Miller said that he felt one 20-minute meeting was being blown out of proportion, Powers weighed in.

“I can’t keep track of all the things that Jason just said that are just not true, not accurate,” she stated. “I mean, first of all, Donald Junior is not being mistreated here. That’s absolutely absurd.”

Claiming later that he was making “ridiculous” points, Powers then showed her exasperation with Miller at the end of the segment when he said that the attorney left the meeting and went to lobby Democratic congressmen on Russian adoptions.

“What’s your point?” Powers asked.

Following Miller’s assertion that people come up to campaigns all the time and offer dirt and opposition research, Powers tore into him.

“I’m telling you there is not a single presidential campaign in the history of the world that you walk in the door as some random person that claims they have opposition research and sits down with the campaign manager,” she said. “The fact you won’t admit that’s incredible!”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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