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CNN’s Lemon Calls Out O’Reilly, Says Shinseki May Leave ‘Sebelius-Style’

Don Lemon opened his show Wednesday night taking on both Bill O’Reilly and the VA scandal; the latter leading Lemon to suspect Eric Shinseki may be out the door “Kathleen Sebelius-style.” First, Lemon pushed back against O’Reilly’s claim that the media ignored the Macklemore anti-Semitism outrage by playing his own show’s “very heated discussion” on the matter.

Lemon said O’Reilly’s claims “ticked me off,” but found one thing that he could agree with the Fox host on: the Veterans Affairs Secretary should go, and that President Obama could have been a bit tougher today.

He suggested that Shinseki may have been fired already, but compared it to how the WHite House kept Sebelius on until Obamacare hit its goal, at which point she parted somewhat amiably from the White House. This led Lemon to ask, “Has President Obama perfected the art of the non-firing firing?”

Watch the video below, via CNN:

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