CNN’s Lemon Unloads on Sterling: ‘Pompous Ass,’ ‘Unrepentant Racist’

In reaction to reported remarks by Donald Sterling on the controversy he’s gotten himself into, CNN’s Don Lemon unloaded on the L.A. Clippers owner for not showing one iota of regret for the things he’s said and coming off like a gigantic jerk.

Jeffrey Toobin said that Sterling “has a PhD in making a bad situation worse” by making his first public remark something that does nothing to walk back any of what he said. Lemon was far more blunt in his assessment of Sterling’s comment and how he has not, at any point, said anything publicly about how he regrets what he said in any regard.

“I think he is a narcissist, I think he is a privileged you-know-what… I think he’s obnoxious, I think he’s a pompous ass, and I think he’s an unrepentant racist!”

CNN’s Rachel Nichols said that there’s no way Sterling will apologized because “he doesn’t think he did anything wrong.” Lemon still thought Sterling should at least talk to Magic Johnson and the Clippers because he needs to, at some point, show some “compassion.”

Watch the video below, via CNN:

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