CNN’s Maeve Reston Rebuts Trump’s ‘Absurd’ Claim By Citing Black Voter Who Called Him ‘The Antichrist’


CNN reporter Maeve Reston called President Donald Trump‘s claim that “The African American community” is happy with him “absurd,” and rebutted the claim by sharing a quote from a woman who told her that Trump is “the Antichrist.”

On Tuesday’s edition of Inside Politics, host John King played a clip of Trump’s earlier gaggle with reporters, at which Trump claimed that “The African American community” and “the African American people” have been calling the White House to thank him for his racist attacks on Baltimore.”

“They are so happy at what I’ve been able to do,” Trump said in the clip, to which King remarked, “What are they so happy about?”

“That’s such an absurd statement,” Reston said, and added “all of us have been talking to black voters all over the country as the race has progressed, and his comments were making me think actually of this woman who I met in Columbia, South Carolina, who was pulling for Biden because he’s a seasoned warrior who would go up against Trump, was what she said.”

“And she said ‘We don’t need a rookie in the game right now because it’s the Antichrist we are up against,'” Reston said.

“She clearly wasn’t on the phone calling the White House,” cracked panelist Jackie Kucinich, to laughter from Reston.

“You talk to so many people who feel that way, they are tired of his rhetoric, they feel singled out, and they give Barack Obama credit for bringing the economy back, not Donald Trump,” Reston said. “And I think that that is felt broadly across the black community.”

King then cited a recent poll showing Trump with 6 percent approval among black voters, and said: “So the president has no political standing in the African American community.”

Reston was quoting 66-year-old Democratic voter Cheri Reed, who told Reston, in a June interview, “We don’t need a rookie in the game right now. Because it’s the anti-Christ that we’re up against,” and that “He’s despicable. He’s destructive. He’s a liar. He’s trigger-happy. He’s everything that you don’t want in a President.”

She went on to compare Trump to “the devil.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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