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CNN’s Marc Lamont Hill: Black People Are Incapable of Racism

vlcsnap-2016-07-11-12h38m43s587CNN political commentator and HuffPo Live host Marc Lamont Hill opined Monday that black people cannot be racist because they lack the “institutional power” required to “deploy racism.”

Hill was asked to respond to comments made by former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani calling the Black Lives Matter movement racist. “First of all, by the way, Black Lives Matter and the movement for black lives this morning issued a pledge which I tweeted out today calling for justice, calling for peace, and calling for togetherness in a moment where we’re attempting to be divided,” Hill said.

“To say that the Black Lives Matter movement is racist is bizarre to me,” he continued. “Not just because black people don’t have the institutional power to be racist or to deploy racism, but because the movement has called for justice, it’s called for demilitarization, it’s called for nonviolence.”

Hill acknowledged that there were some bad apples in the movement, but that was no reason to tar all of Black Lives Matters as racist. “I’ve been to some Tea Party Rallies; there are racists there, but I wouldn’t say the Tea Party is racist as such,” he said. “I would say there are people who invaded and divert the movement and that’s what is happening here.”

Watch his remarks above, via CNN.

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