CNN’s Margaret Hoover: ‘Never Put Myself in Position to be Alone With Bill O’Reilly’

On Wednesday night’s edition of Erin Burnett: OutFront, Burnett had CNN collegeaues Brian Stelter and former Fox News personality Margaret Hoover in the studio to discuss Bill O’Reilly’s ousting from the latter cable network. When Burnett asked Hoover about her experiences. she related some interesting experiences: Specifically, she always got bad vibes from O’Reilly, to the point that he made her “uncomfortable” and she knew she had to make sure she was never alone with him.

“Bill O’Reilly never hit on me, Bill O’Reilly never sexually harassed me” she began. “I will say, though, as a young woman, many of us have experiences that are uncomfortable in the workplace. I have some experiences where I’m uncomfortable enough for me to know never to put myself in a position where I was alone with Bill, or alone with people who made me uncomfortable.” Hoover went on the praise Gretchen Carlson for getting the ball rolling with her sexual harassment lawsuit against the company.

“It was eminently believable, because there was a feel of interacting at times that was deeply uncomfortable, and it was easy for me to extrapolate that if I hadn’t been doing this to protect myself then I might have ended up in a position where I could have been vulnerable.” When pressed by Burnett on O’Reilly specifically, Hoover said that “There were moments that were uncomfortable.”

Check out the whole clip above, courtesy of CNN.

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